PHOTOS: Best Homemade Valentine? Share Yours

Did you get one with fancy pop-up cutouts, something covered in glitter, or macaroni glued on the front? We're sure they stole your hearts, and we'd love to see your favorites.

Valentine’s Day cards can be sweet, sassy, funny, sentimental–and yes, odd.

Beyond the racks of pink and red cards filling stores, many people make their own messages of love.

Some people go fancy with Martha Stewart, or keep it simple, like these kids who made cards to send to troops overseas.

Bellevue Patch users, what’s the best homemade valentine you’ve ever received? We’d love to see them. Just click the “Upload Photos and Videos” button on this story and tell us about it in the caption. If the card itself is long gone, tell us about your favorite in the comments below.

(And if you’re inspired now to make your own, here’s a short video with advice on what to actually write (or not) in your homemade creation.)


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