Youth Connection | Volunteering at the Kids Care Coat Drive

On January 15, 2013, The Bellevue Youth Link completed their annual service project of distributing clothes to the needy.

The Bellevue Youth Link’s annual Kids Care Coat Drive is not only beneficial for the families in need of winter clothing—it’s also rewarding for the volunteers. The coat drive helps hundreds of people stay warm throughout the winter and the distribution event itself is heart-warming for those who help out. Here are some words from the Youth Link and Kids Care Coat Drive coordinator about the volunteers:

"My favorite part of the event has to be the turnout, not only the people who need coats, but the outpouring of volunteers. It makes it very personable for people to walk in and feel comfortable and familiar. Some of the volunteers even speak other languages and can communicate well with the coat drive visitors. This really connects the act of donating with its benefits to other people, this event puts it all together."
                    -Patrick Alina

At the event, I interviewed a few volunteers about their experiences helping out with the coat drive:

Q: Why do you volunteer for the coat drive?
"Seeing how cold the weather is, I think everyone should deserve warm clothing."   

"It’s great to see people’s faces and that we’re giving something to the community."        

"I’ve done this for five or six years now and it’s still rewarding every time I’m able to help these families at the coat drive. I even get to see some of my own donated sweaters go to people in the community."   

Q: What was your favorite moment from volunteering?
"My favorite part was helping to entertain the children while their parents were looking for coats. We got a bunch of children up on top of the stage and we started singing songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary Had a Little Lamb."   
                     - Roger

"My best moment was helping find a little boy a sweatshirt that he really wanted, it felt wonderful to know that he really liked the sweatshirt that we found for him. Volunteering for the coat drive is a great experience, I definitely recommend it for everyone."        

The coat drive has received tremendous support from the community from the people who donate coats, partnerships and businesses, and also from young people. Show your support. Volunteer at next year’s Kids Care Coat Drive!
For updates on next year’s coat drive, be sure to visit the Youth Link program website at www.youthlink.com.

Jan Stout February 19, 2013 at 07:03 PM
As one of the founders of both Youth Link and the Bellevue S.D. community service program, it is SOOOO! exciting to read about the work and commitments of Bellevue teens to their community! Way to GO! Kids! You are so awesome!


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