Where Can I Find Girl Scout Cookies in Bellevue?

Here are some useful links to help you find your nearest cookie fix. And if your scouts are selling cookies in Bellevue, please leave us details in the comments section below!

Where in Bellevue can you find Girl Scout cookies this season? The Girl Scouts of Western Washington are making it easier than ever to lay your hands on those seasonal sweet treats, wherever you happen to be. 

Through March 18, you can use the Online Cookie Locator to zero in on your neighborhood cookie booth: Just type in your ZIP code at http://cookielocator.littlebrownie.com/

There's even a free app for your iPhone or Android smartphone, for when you get the hankering for a Thin Mint or Tagalong when you're out and about.

According to Girl Scouts of Western Washington, sales in front of local stores and businesses will be March 2 to 18 this year. Cookies in Western Washington are $4 per box.

The cookie sales help teach scouts entrepreneurship, goal setting, money management and other skills, according to the Girl Scouts.

For more about this year's cookie campaign, visit the Girl Scouts of Western Washington website. 

Information from this story appeared on Napa Patch. Napa Patch thanks Terry Kent of Troop 20036 for the useful links.


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