Small Dogs are a Big Deal to Downtown Bellevue Business Owner

Todd Wilson of @The Square Pet Care is a dog walker and pet sitter whose specialty is small dogs.

Small dogs have been all the rage ever since Paris Hilton’s iconic chihuahua Tinkerbell became a star on MTV’s “The Simple Life,” but they’re not just accessories.

To many, their small pets are their most loyal companions.

Todd Wilson, the founder, owner and sole employee of , understands that relationship.

@The Square Pet Care specializes in taking care of small dogs. Wilson's services include dog walking and pet sitting, while their owners are away during long hours at work or on vacation. He charges $18 for a 20- to 30-minute visit.

Wilson founded the business in January after moving to  and noticing “little dogs everywhere,” he said.

Wilson has always had an affinity for dogs. Wilson grew up in the Woodridge Hills neighborhood of Bellevue and he and his family have had border collies, a Sheltie, a Whippet and other dogs.

“It’s a dream-come-true job,” he said, and he takes it very seriously.

He is a certified professional dog walker and is also pet first aid certified.

Not all dogs are the same.

“Small dogs have special needs,” said Wilson.

They need to be protected from larger dogs that have prey instinct, they need to get exercise and to be loved, he added.

Wilson currently serves about 10 to 15 clients, but wants to build his business. He would be willing to take on approximately 20 to 25 clients.

The business model is quality service oriented, said Wilson, so his goal is to stay small.

Wilson works exclusively in downtown Bellevue, because he likes to walk to his clients, but he’s always referring people outside of the area to other dog trainers.

He eventually wants his business to become his full-time job. When Wilson’s not taking care of pets, he’s day trading, and though he enjoys that job as well, his “passion for animals runs pretty deep,” he said.

“I love dogs so much,” said Wilson. “There’s really no other way to put it.”

To find out more about @The Square Pet Care and the services they provide, you can visit Wilson’s website.

About @The Square Pet Care

Owner: Todd Wilson

Phone: 425-785-PETS (7387)

Website: squarepetcare.​com/

On Patch: 


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