Car Sharing Service Zipcar Bought by Avis

Zipcar purchased Seattle-based Flexcar in 2007. The company has several cars available for sharing in downtown Bellevue.

Rental car company Avis Budget Group has purchased car-sharing company Zipcar, Avis announced Wednesday, according to this Reuters story.

The car-sharing concept is a per-hour rental service, which is an alternative to traditional per-day car rentals or owning a second car.

Zipcar has cars available in locations in downtown Bellevue, including Skyline Tower and 989 Elements. Cars available for sharing include an Audi A3, a Nissan Frontier, a Mini Cooper, and a Ford E-150 Cargo Van.

Zipcar merged with Seattle-based Flexcar in 2007, according to a story in Seattle PI.

Have you ever used a car-sharing service? What was your experience?


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