Cupcake Royale to Pay Tribute to Hostess CupCakes and Snoballs This Weekend

The local chain will offer tributes to the Hostess CupCake -- the chocolate-topped plastic-packaged cupcake -- and the Snoball -- the pink coconut, marshmallow and chocolate pastry.

A last-minute mediation between national pastry company Hostess and its union broke down Tuesday, which means that the end likely is near for the brand that originated classic lunch box foods such as the Twinkie and the HoHo.

However, local bakery Cupcake Royale, which has a location in downtown Bellevue, will pay homage to the company's iconic creations this weekend. The bakery will sell Hostess-inspired cupcakes for $3.75 each at all of its locations.

The speacial cupcakes inspired by the Hostess CupCake and the Snoball will be available between Friday, Nov. 23 through Sunday, Nov. 25.

Instead of the long shelf-life of the lunch box staples, Cupcake Royale's tributes have a shelf life of about a day, because the bakery doesn't use preservatives.

Here's what Cupcake Royale says about the tributes to Hostess brands:

The CupCake, you got it, is a Cupcake Royale chocolate cake with a marshmallow fluff filling, topped with chocolate frosting and decorated with a signature white piping that we all love.

The Snowball is a chocolate cake filled with the same delectable marshmallow fluff, surrounded by a delicate shower of coconut.

Hostess company announced Friday that it would shutter operations after a baker strike amid a contentious contract renegotiationstarted a buying frenzy of its classic products, such as the Twinkie, and sent some enterprising people to eBay to auction off the items.

The brands will likely find a buyer, according to ABC News, so fans probably won't be out for too long. But would you miss Hostess CupCakes, Twinkies and Ding Dongs if they left the shelves? Tell us in the comments.


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