Microsoft Hires Man Through Online Reality Show: Would You Do It?

Mike Kett has already moved to Seattle from Boston and began work as an IT program manager, GeekWire reports.

Would you compete in a reality show to win a job at Microsoft? Mike Kett did, and now he's working for the tech giant.

Mike Kett got a job at  after participating in a web-based reality series called "Be the Next Microsoft Employee."


Would you compete in a show for a job of your choice? What would be the show and what would the job have to be? .


As local tech blog GeekWire reports, the 36-year-old man from Boston started working as a Microsoft IT program manager in late July after moving to the Seattle area. Although the final episode was taped several weeks ago, Kett's victory appears to have been announced this week.

While Kett told GeekWire that there was no back-stabbing or underhanded tactics commonly seen on TV reality shows, some of the GeekWire commenters wryly observed that would have been good practice for his new review system.

A Microsoft marketing official developed the web series to bring attention to a cloud-capable database system called SQL Server. The contestants completed a series of challenges involving the SQL technology.

Kett's reality show background could fit in well on the Eastside, which has produced several prominent reality show contestants. Kirkland resident Jason Mesnick was a finalist for "The Bachelorette" and was the next season's "The Bachelor," who infamously proposed to  after dumping his original choice. Mercer Island resident Chantal O'Brien, , was introduced in promos for . O'Brien reportedly turned down the chance to be The Bachelorette after she got engaged to a local man.

Check out the GeekWire post to read more about the Microsoft contest and Kett's background. You can also view all the show's episodes here, or click on the first YouTube video above for Kett's reaction to the finale.

Speaking of hiring, . No reality show required.....


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