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All on Four Bellevue

When you have all your teeth intact, you will be pretty confident and have pretty smiles effortlessly. You will have the adventurousness to go out and do better; you will talk to people, attract their attention with your smile and build your personal and business networks. But when you do not have them your confidence will be in the dumps.

Patients that are partially or completely teeth-less are called partially edentulous or completely edentulous patients respectively. Such a condition in them is called edentulism. Full mouth rehabilitation for a completely edentulous patients can be done using traditional dentures or all-on-four dental implants. Although a denture is a cost-effective restoration, because of the pressure exerted on the gums by wearing them causes the gums to wear away over time. The gums become soft and fluffy and the dentures become less stable. The best alternative to this is all on four bellevue dental implants that gives you the ability to effortlessly eat and talk like before.

The cognitive process of making an all-on-four dental implant begins with creating four abutments using implants and attaching them to the jaw bone. Following that, the set of complete false teeth or pontics are fitted to them.


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