520 Toll Dodgers Could be Tolled By City of Kenmore

KIRO-TV reports that the mayor of the city of Kenmore has discussed establishing a toll for the Sammamish River Bridge, which he says is seeing more use as drivers avoid the 520 Bridge.

Motorists headed north of Lake Washington to avoid tolls on the State Route 520 Bridge could see a different toll in the future.

KIRO-TV reports that the Kenmore city transportation officials planned to discuss establishing a toll for the Sammamish River bridges, because the city's mayor says local roads seeing more use as drivers avoid the 520 Bridge.

According to the article, 24,000 motorists cross the aging bridges a day. Kenmore has 21,000 residents.

The State Route 520 Bridge began electronic tolling last December. The base toll rate is $3.59 at peak hours.

According to the KIRO article, a toll in Kenmore could be $1 per crossing.

A toll in Kenmore is not a certainty, but Kenmore residents would vote on a toll next year, if the city decides that a toll is the way to go.

What do you think? Does this eliminate one detour that you were taking around 520 Bridge?

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