Eastside Fashion: An Interview with The Bachelor 13's Bride, Molly Mesnick

An interview with Molly Mesnick, of season 13 of ABC's "The Bachelor." She is now a Kirkland resident, wife to "The Bachelor" Jason Mesnick, a step-mom, and a fashion fan

It is a real life fairy tale! Prince Jason picked his lovely Princess Molly! Recently, I got the pleasure of interviewing the bride of season 13 of ABC's television show "The Bachelor," Molly Mesnick.

If you're not familiar with "The Bachelor," it's a show where about two dozen women compete for a chance to marry the title character. The group lives together in a mansion, and the women are eliminated from competition as "The Bachelor" narrows his choices down to two. He proposes to one of the women in the finale.

Rather famously in season 13, Jason Mesnick changed his mind six weeks after picking another contestant as the winner, and he asked runner-up Molly Malaney for a second chance. Obviously, she accepted and they eventually married, with Molly and Jason's wedding featured on an ABC special.

Recently, "The Bachelor" held auditions in Kirkland for its next series.

Molly now lives in Jason Mesnick's hometown of Kirkland, where she is a step-mom, and fashion fanatic.

Eastside Fashion: What made you want to try out for "The Bachelor?" Did you ever think you would meet your Prince Charming?

Molly Mesnick: Ironically, I had zero intentions of going on the show. I was tagging along to a casting call with a friend who, while we were there, convinced me to try out. When I got the call back, I just went along with it for the ride. Never in a million years did I think I would make it past the first rose ceremony, let alone MARRY the guy!

Eastside Fashion: Where are your favorite places to shop on the Eastside?

Molly Mesnick: You can probably find me at at least once or twice a week! My staple stores there are , . And ? Of course! Lately, I've been obsessed with all things Urban Outfitters, so I'll make the trek out to Lynnwood when I've got the time.

Eastside Fashion: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

Molly Mesnick: This is a tough question, but I'm going to say Megan Fox! Because I want to look like her! Haha.

Eastside Fashion: How would you describe your fashion sense?

Molly Mesnick: I don't stick with one specific genre of fashion, so I would say I dress in the now. I buy whatever the trend of the moment is, which I always regret as it goes out of style faster than it came in! Whatever my style of the moment is, accessories are always my constant. Give me a plain white T-shirt, and I'll find a hundred ways to wear it using accessories alone.

Eastside Fashion: What do you do now since you're not on reality TV?

Molly Mesnick: I have my hand in a few different projects. I do work a full time job at OnlineShoes.com. Outside of that, I have been running my own website (MollyMesnick.com) as well as contributing to a few other  entertainment websites. All on top of being a wife and step-mom!

Eastside Fashion: If you were to try out for another reality show, what would it be?

Molly Mesnick: NONE! I'd like to think that my reality TV days are long over! But I've also learned to never say never.

Eastside Fashion:What are your and Jason's plans for the future?

Molly Mesnick: Kids are definitely in the future, but for now we love living our "normal" lives in Kirkland, working full time jobs, and just enjoying what each day brings us.

Eastside Fashion: Any juicy fashion tips?

Molly Mesnick: Find a good tailor and make them your new best friend. Clothes aren't made to fit every individual's body, but a good seamstress can make that happen. It's amazing how different a dress can look after it's slightly altered to fit YOUR body.

Eastside Fashion: What article of clothing or accessory can you not live without?

Molly Mesnick: My black leggings and boy do I hope they never go out of style! Leggings are the most versatile piece of clothing because they wear like sweatpants, but can be dressed up for any occasion.

Eastside Fashion: How would you describe Seattle's Fashion?

Molly Mesnick: When I first moved out here, I felt that I stuck out like a sore thumb as I walked around in high heels every single day. I love to dress up, wear fake eyelashes, and I paint my nails twice a week. Let's be honest - that's not the norm out here in the Pacific Northwest. At the same time, I've learned that Seattle actually has one of the largest designer communities in the nation. It's no New York, but fashion is here, you just have to look for it!

Eastside Fashion: How was filming The Bachelor? Best and Worst moments?

Molly Mesnick: It was an experience to say the least! My favorite times were when all of us girls were still living together in the mansion. It was one long spring break. We'd wake up and the only worry we had was which bathing suit to wear, who had the sunscreen, and what was my first cocktail going to be. The tough part was definitely after hometown dates, as feelings started to set in and I missed my family and friends. What some people don't know is that you are completely cut off from life while filming the show; no phones, TV, magazines, Internet, books, music, etc. Literally, all you can do is sit and think about this guy that everyone is fighting for. It becomes emotionally wearing. With all that being said, I would 100 percent do it again. It was an experience of a lifetime that has opened a lot of doors for me and let's not forget it is what brought Jason and I together.

Thanks for the lovely interview, Molly! 
Check out Molly's website at MollyMesnick.com 

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