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William J. Hirt February 11, 2013 at 10:53 PM
Dear Bellevue Patch The below letter explains that the proposed Changes to the Bellevue City Council permitting process regarding light rail require Sound Transit tunnel along the route into Bellevue. (The 2/09/13 Post on http://stopeastlinknow.blogspot.com contains more details) Bill Hirt The February 11th Staff Report to the Bellevue City Council contains the proposed modifications. Section V “Applicable Decision Criteria-Land Use Code Part 20.30J” states “The City Council may approve or approve with modifications an amendment to the text of the Land Use Code if: Sub Section A, The amendment is in accord with the Comprehensive Plan; and the proposed amendment is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, including the Land Use, economic Development, and Transportation policies listed below” The policies listed “below” included the following: TR-75.1. Develop a light rail system in collaboration with the regional transit provider that advances the City’s long-term transportation and land use objectives, minimizes environmental and neighborhood impacts, and balances regional system performance. No one can rationally argue that the current East Link route into Bellevue meets these requirements. East Link encroaches on the Mercer Slough part and devastates the neighborhoods along the route into Bellevue. The only way for light rail to meet these requirements is a tunnel into Bellevue.


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