John Howie Steak Featured on KCTS Show "Check, Please! Northwest"

Watch the show online on the KCTS website and on YouTube, if you've missed it on the air.

, located at , has been featured on public television station KCTS's show "Check Please! Northwest," which asks local diners what restaurant locations they would recommend, and has two other diners try out their favorites.

The show has been on KCTS Channel 9 several times, but if you've missed it when it's on -- as I have -- you can watch it online. You can also watch the John Howie segments in the YouTube videos posted on this story.

Katie Dillon, a marketing coordinator, recommended John Howie Steak.

"It's something that we save for just these big moments in our lives to go celebrate. It's a very expensive place, and I understand that, but I feel like I can't get a better meal anywhere else," Dillon said.

One of the guests, Rob Johnson, expressed some sticker shock at the menu prices, though he praised the food and service.

"You go in and they start carrying you back to your table. Here comes one waiter and here comes another waiter. You're really taken care of," said Johnson, a plumber.

"The steak almost melted in the mouth. The flavor of the steak was really worth it," he said.

Fiore Pignataro, a realtor, praised the touches such as the smoky flavor on the asparagus and the different exotic salts presented at the table for the steaks.

"Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked. Frankly, it was one of the best steaks I've ever had," said Fiore Pignataro, Realtor.

Pignataro also ordered the tempura fried Kurobuta bacon.

"Pork bacon with the sambal maple sauce, which was mind-boggling," he said. "I had to exercise some serious self-discipline to not eat all five pieces."

They also have an application to be a guest on "Check, Please! Northwest." If you get on, let us know.

Maegan Harris July 06, 2012 at 03:04 AM
John Howie Steak has always been one of my favorite restaurants in the Bellevue area and I'm so happy to see that it got the spotlight on this program. Believe it or not, I would totally recommend of of John Howie's other restaurants for the show as well! Both Seatstar Restaurants in Seattle and Bellevue are incredible and his sports bar, Sport Restaurant, downtown right by the space needle, is probably the best sports bar in the NW. www.seastarrestaurant.com www.sportrestaurant.com


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