Medina Police Reminds Drivers to Drive Cautiously Around School Buses

The Medina Police Department says that it has received complaints about motorists driving unsafely around school buses.

Motorists in Medina should drive cautiously around school buses, the Medina Police Department noted in an email alert sent to residents this morning.

The police department has received complaints about motorists driving unsafely around the buses and around chlidren on sidewalks, specifically around the area of Evergreen Point Road near northeast 22nd and 24th streets.

The following alert was sent to residents this morning:

Over the last couple weeks the Medina Police Department has received numerous complaints about vehicles driving unsafely around school busses and where children are present on the sidewalk, specifically in the area of Evergreen Point Road around 22nd and 24th.  The police department will continue to patrol around schools and bus stops, and enforce traffic laws vigorously, especially when it involves the safety of children.  

Children waiting at bus stops or walking to school can be vulnerable to vehicles any time, but even more so with the start of bad weather and shorter days that decrease the visibility of drivers.  Parking vehicles in the area around bus stops can also cause a dangerous situation when they cause congestion or limit the ability of drivers to see children. 

Please slow down and drive carefully, especially at the times when children are going to or coming home from school.


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