Whiz Kid: Eighth Grader Brett Muramoto is a Coach and Scholar

Bret Muramoto, eighth grader at Chinook Middle School, enjoys school, sports and gives back to the community by coaching basketball at a church.


Brett Muramoto


8th grader at

What makes Brett a Whiz Kid?

Brett is an all-around great kid that enjoys school, sports, and giving back to the community. Brett currently attends Chinook Middle School and has recieved straight As for his three years there. In addition to school, Brett also plays select soccer for 9 months of the year and competitive basketball year round. For the last two winters, Brett has directed a basketball clinic for second through fifth grades through a church program and is currently a volunteer coach for a 3/4 grade boys and girls club basketball team. Brett also can be found at the Bellevue-East Kumon center assisting with grading math and reading assignments in addition to participating in both the math and reading programs himself.

-- Ross Muramoto (parent)

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