Bellevue Minister: "I Believe that God Does Not Care About the Gender of Couples Who Marry"

Rev. Dr. Peter J. Luton of East Shore Unitarian Church in a letter to the editor that he adds his voice to faithful people who believe in Marriage Equality, and encourages the passage of Referendum 74.

To the Editor,

I add my voice to all faithful people who believe in Marriage Equality. The State makes marriage legal. Religious communities bless and celebrate marriage.  But the abiding love and commitment of couples who choose marriage as the most perfect expression of their unity makes a marriage.  

I believe that God does not care about the gender of couples who marry as long as their love is honest and their commitment true. The State ought not to care about people’s gender either. All committed, loving couples deserve the same rights and responsibilities under the law.

The marriage equality law passed by the Washington Legislature preserves the right of religious communities to consecrate marriages according to their beliefs. It also establishes civil right of all citizens in our State to enjoy the rights and responsibilities of marriage. It is a good law. As a person of faith, I invite all Washington residents to vote to Approve Referendum 74.


Rev. Dr. Peter J. Luton
East Shore Unitarian Church
Bellevue, Washington

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Bob McCoy October 19, 2012 at 04:51 PM
Well stated. Thank you.


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