EV Domination

It's all about being green, green, green! You recycle, you take shorter showers and you turn off all the lights. Good for you! How about taking it a step further and keeping EVs in mind when purchasing your new vehicle.

Many don't know much about electric vehicles, although we see plenty of the Toyota Prius every day. It's important to know that there are far more options to an eco-friendly car choice aside from the Prius. Makers such as Nissan, Ford, Chevy and even BMW have stepped up in order to make our world a cleaner place. General assumptions of electric vehicles may be that they are slow, boring and not practical because of their size. Think again! Hybrids and electrics have made groundbreaking statements in their category and want nothing more than to suit your lifestyle and green needs.

Not sure which one to choose? Not to worry! Visit Tred.com and you will find that it's incredibly easy to pick out a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle that you want to get to know a little better. Tred.com offers FREE test drives on all "green" vehicles and they will bring those test drives right to your very door step. Along with your free test drive, the car experts at Tred will answer any of your questions about all the EVs out there, with absolutely no pressure to buy.

Now.. how about cruising down Bellevue Way in a BMW ActiveHybrid knowing you're doing your part in Treding Lightly? Happy car hunting!


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