Letter To the Editor: Writer Asks Bellevue Officials to Reconsider Light Rail Placement

Cathy Carlson sends an open letter to the Mayor and Bellevue Councilmembers regarding the location of the light rail line

Open Letter to our Mayor and Councilmembers,

Please reconsider your position on the placement of the light rail through 
our city. As detailed by Building a Better Bellevue, this is a premature 
decision that does not factor in all the growth and congestion projected in the downtown area, especially the Bus Transit Center (See http://www.betterbellevue.org/).

To ask Bellevue residents to endorse and pay for a transportation line that will increase the congestion in the downtown area and adjacent neighborhoods with such an enormous price tag is not only unfair but unethical since there are many other alternate routes which will expedite traffic flow and relieve congestion as the downtown core continues to grow toward I-405.

The decision to place light rail further east away from the downtown area 
continues to be not only compelling but rational and practical in 

Cathy Carlson 
Bellevue, WA 98004


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