Youth Connection | Celebrate Earth Day

Do something for Mother Nature is this Sunday.

By Richard Tsai

Earth Day is a day of promoting environmental awareness around the world. The international Earth Day Network, established by Denis Hayes, reaches over 19,000 organizations in 192 countries. Earth Day will soon take place this year on April 22. Over 80 million participants will carry out projects and recreational events to promote the well being of our home.

On Earth Day, there are many things that you can do to protect our earth. You can go out and plant trees for your community and help clean up trash left on the sidewalks. You can also walk or bike places instead of driving a car.

Global warming and climate changes are becoming apparent, and both issues are the consequences of human actions. Therefore, we have the responsibility to help save our earth before more damage is done. Cleaning up our communities is everyone’s responsibility and we should all participate in preserving our environment for the next generations. Although Earth day comes by just once a year, we should always treat every day as an Earth Day. 

Richard is a sophomore at Newport High School. Richard writes for , a publication of .


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