High Speed I-90 Chase Ended Because Gas Tank Was Empty

The King County Sheriff's Office reports that a man chased from Snoqualmie to Bellevue on Tuesday, Nov. 6 was caught because his car ran out of gas.

The man who was pursued by King County deputies in a high speed chase on Tuesday did not just get tired of running and give up, he ran out of gas.  The .357 magnum handgun that was stolen was also recovered.

The man and a female accomplice were suspected of breaking into a house outside the city limits of North Bend and trying to cash a check that was stolen during that break-in at a store in Snoqualmie.  The woman was arrested at the store but the man took off in a car.

King County deputies and officers from the City of Sammamish pursued the man west on I-90. The King County Sheriff helicopter Guardian 1 was able to monitor the pursuit from above which allowed the deputies on the ground to back off.

As the video posted on YouTube shows, it appears the man decided to give up and pulled to the side of the road after getting onto I-405 and he was arrested there.  The car was sealed and towed to a secure facility while waiting for a search warrant.

During the search of the car, detectives discovered it had run out of gas and that is why the man stopped running. They also recovered a handgun that was stolen in the burglary along with multiple identification cards.

Detectives are continuing their investigation into the criminal activities of the pair.

--Information from the King County Sheriff's Office


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