KIRO: Massage Therapist Says Danford Grant Tried Twice Before Alleged Assault

New search warrant affidavits filed by police allege the Seattle attorney was foiled in several attempts before finally raping a massage therapist in Seattle.

Affidavits filed by police for new search warrants in the case of Seattle attorney Danford Grant -- charged with seven counts of rape in Bellevue, Shoreline and Seattle -- if true portray him as a determined sexual predator, says a KIRO News report.

Grant, a longtime attorney who has practiced in the Seattle area, is charged with a series of rapes of local massage therapists, including the August rapes of a massage therapist at a Bellevue studio and of a massage therapist at her home in Shoreline.

According to the KIRO report, the search warrant affidavit alleges Grant used three aliases with a Seattle massage therapist in an alleged attempt to assault her in June 2011 when she worked at Seattle’s Carnation Health Center.

Twice she recognized him as Grant and successfully turned him away from her home, where she had begun practicing. But the third time, last August, when a man who had made an appointment as “Pete” showed up, he broke in and raped her.

KIRO reported the warrant indicated the woman kept a chain lock on her door and recognized the man as Grant, but, “He pushed through the door breaking the chain lock."

The KIRO report says Grant’s lawyer, Richard Hansen, was asked why his client would use aliases if what happened was consensual. He said he could not comment on the case, but that other client of his had used aliases to avoid blackmail by massage therapists.

Grant was arrested in October after employees at a Seattle massage clinic reported an attempted assault. He was released after posting $1 million bail and is under electronic home monitoring, as well as under other restrictions.


KIRO: Search warrants paint Danford Grant as determined sex predator


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