Two Men Saved by Automatic Defibrillator at 24 Hour Fitness in Two Days

Two men collapsed and were saved by CPR and the use of an automatic external defibrillator at the 24 Hour Fitness gym at Kelsey Creek shopping center.

Two gym users at the Kelsey Creek 24 Hour Fitness have quick-thinking employeees and a customer to thank, after an automatic external defbrillator was used to save them in two separate incidents this week, according to the Bellevue Fire Department.

The gym staff and a physician who happened to be at the club at 1505 140th Ave NE, used CPR and the defibrillator, which issues commands so users can send an electrical shock to restart a stopped heart, to buy the men time for the medical help to arrive, according to the Bellevue Fire Department.

Bellevue Fire Department spokesman Lt. Troy Donlin sent the following account:

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, a 79-year-old man collapsed while playing racquetball at the sports club, according to the fire department. Staff sprang into action calling 9-1-1, starting CPR, and retrieving the club’s AED from the front desk. A staff member provided the electrical shock needed to start the man’s heart. Bellevue paramedics transported the patient to hospital where he is today, conscious and alert.

On Thursday, November 1st, a 66-year-old male collapsed during a Zumba class. Staff called 9-1-1 while a bystander, a local physician, did CPR. With the assistance of a Bellevue Police Officer, the physician was able to provide three shocks the very same AED used on Wednesday.

With some additional CPR and one additional shock, paramedics were able to transport the male patient to Overlake Hospital. He is currently hospitalized in stable condition.

Studies show that patients suffering from cardiac arrest have a 70 to 80 percent chance of survival if an AED is used within minutes.

AED Preparedness

King County has been encouraging businesses to purchase and register the AEDs, which can save lives in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, according to Public Health of Seattle -King County. The county's Shockingly Simple campaign says that registration of the devices allow 9-1-1 dispatchers direct people on the scene to their locations, which can help victims when they need immediate medical help.



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