VIDEO: 'Movie Bandits' Victims Recover Property at Redmond Police Station

Dozens of families throughout King and Snohomish County were targeted earlier this year by two thieves who were known for breaking into vehicles, stealing the owners' registration, and proceeding to break into their homes.

Kea Rehn of Bellevue came to the Redmond Police station Tuesday to look through thousands of items recovered in the Movie Bandits case from earlier this year, but found, like many other victims, that much of the valuable jewelry was gone.

"All the good ones are, who knows, melted down," Rehn sad. "They got money for them."

Lake Forest Park resident Gail Genereau was luckier.

Though her case did not fit into the exact time frame of the other crimes and was not been linked to the other cases by police, she was able to recognize some of her belongings, mostly costume jewelry not worth money, but which holds sentimental value.

"I thought it was worth a shot," Genereau said before going into a large room where police had laid out items ranging from jewelry to baseball cards. "You know, I have nothing to lose but to just see what there is."

Perhaps even more importantly, Genereau was able to learn the people who burglarized her home have been caught and are awaiting prosecution.

"I'm actually shocked," said Genereau, who was able to retrieve hundreds of pieces of jewelry, trinkets and other items. "I just wasn't really sure but thought it was worth checking out."

Police now say the so-called Movie Bandits, a male and female couple from Bothell, are responsible for close to 70 car prowls, burglaries, vehicle thefts and other crimes that affected dozens of families throughout King and Snohomish counties. Cases from as far north as Mount Vernon and as far east as Wenatchee have been attributed to the duo.

In several cases, the suspects targeted movie theaters and other public places, where they broke into vehicles, stole registration info, and then proceeded to burglarize the owners' empty homes.

Redmond Police apprehended the suspects on Aug. 1 when they went to arrest the female suspect on another charge and caught up with the male suspect, who fled. Redmond Police K9 unit Vader tracked and located the man a short time later.

The King County Prosecutor's Office is currently reviewing the case and expects to make a charging decision soon. Patch typically does not name suspects until they are formally charged with a crime.

The male suspect, 31, remains in King County Jail. His accomplice, a 36-year-old woman, was apprehended but has been released awaiting a trial.

In an odd twist, Redmond Police spokesman Jim Bove says the couple got married in jail earlier this year.

Bove said several victims still feel traumatized by the ordeal and that police will hold a personal safety class next month specifically for Movie Bandit victims.

"We've seen a variety of emotion today," he said. "People were reminded of the crime and that they were violated, and that's a very emotional thing to go through."


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