520 Tolling Now Pushed to August -- At the Earliest

Washington state transportation secretary Paula Hammond has declined to commit to a firm date, the Seattle Times reported this week.

Long-anticipated tolling on the State Route 520 bridge is now expected to begin sometime in August, although state transportation secretary Paula Hammond told the Seattle Times that she is not comfortable committing to a firm date.

As the Times reported this week , officials from the Washington State Department of Transportation are blaming the delay on glitches with how the tolling system applies late fees. When asked whether she thought tolling could be pushed into fall or winter, Hammond declined to commit one way or the other.

"I think anything's possible," she told the newspaper.

Tolling on the 520 bridge was originally set to begin in April, but that date was subsequently  and . The tolls, which are variable but include a $3.50 peak hour toll rate, will help pay for a .

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