Bellevue Launches Neighborhood Traffic Blog

Bellevue residents can talk to the city about neighborhood traffic on the new Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE) blog.

The issued the following press release:

Residents concerned about the amount or speed of traffic in their neighborhood now have a new avenue for sharing -- a traffic safety blog launched by the city called "Streets are for Everyone" (SAFE).

With the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services (formerly Neighborhood Traffic Calming) division in the Transportation Department, the City of Bellevue has long made traffic safety a priority. Residents can still call or email NTSS staff, but SAFE offers a public forum for comments about neighborhood traffic projects and issues.

"We're excited about the blog," NTSS manager Karen Gonzalez said. "It raises awareness about neighborhood traffic safety and it's a step forward in finding cost-effective ways to engage a broader spectrum of our residents."

In a survey conducted last August, nearly 80 percent of respondents said they would like the ability to post comments and ask questions about projects online. SAFE facilitates this in a real-time, collaborative environment.

While the city has experimented with blogs about shoreline management and parks planning, SAFE is its first blog to focus on an ongoing program. NTSS works with residents to improve traffic safety, reduce vehicle speeds, manage residential parking conditions and address neighborhood traffic issues.

Initially, the blog includes stories about why "Children at Play" signs are not effective; why stop signs don't always slow down vehicles; where neighborhood traffic projects are on an interactive map; and, how to submit a traffic safety request directly to city staff. Residents can also comment on or discuss the blog topics, and suggest others.  

In light of the recent annexation of unincorporated South Bellevue neighborhoods Eastgate, Tamara Hills and Horizon View, the blog is an excellent opportunity to share how Bellevue addresses traffic safety issues.

The blog is currently operating as a pilot project and will be updated with new content every other Monday. 

On the Web

Streets Are For Everyone: http://bellevuentss.wordpress.com/


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