UPDATE: Kirkland Candidate Ruderman Asks Mother's PAC to Stop Running Ads

The first ad by the PAC Progress for Washington compared fellow 1st Congressional District candidate Suzan DelBene to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


UPDATE, Wednesday, July 18: First Congressional District candidate Laura Ruderman of Kirkland on Tuesday asked a political action committee funded by her mother to stop running ads attacking fellow Democratic candidate Suzan DelBene.

Ruderman posted the following comment on her Facebook page Tuesday, referencing a television ad that began airing the same day:

“I am calling on Progress for Washington to immediately take down the television ad that began airing today. I would encourage voters to visit my website and see the positive messages about my positions on issues that our campaign is talking about.”

The first ad paid for by Progress for Washington, the political action committee started by her mother, Mary Rothschild of Maury Island, was a mailer that compared Del Bene and her wealth to presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


Original story:

The mother of 1st Congressional District candidate Laura Ruderman of Kirkland has acknowledged paying for mailer ads calling fellow Democratic candidate Suzan DelBene another millionaire like Mitt Romney, according to a King5 news story.

KING5 journalist Robert Mak reports that the mailers started appearing several days ago, and that Rudermen’s mother, Margaret Rothschild of Maury Island, says she didn’t tell her daughter about the ads.

Mak, a well-known local political commentator, also questions whether the ads will actually benefit one of the other Democratic candidates for the U.S. House seat held until recently by Jay Inslee, such as Darcy Burner. last spring to run for governor.

The ad shows the name DelBene with “Bene” crossed out and replaced by “Romney.” Romney, of course, is running as a Republican candidate for president.

Rothschild told Mak she paid for the ads because DelBene is a wealthy candidate with a campaign spending advantage.

Ruderman is a former state legislator from Kirkland who turned in a solid performance at a . Her campaign has declined comment on the ads. Both Ruderman and DelBene walked in (see photos) earlier this month.

For the full KING5 story, click here.

Kathleen Moss July 17, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Looks like mud slinging season has started...what a shame.


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