Letter: Hank Myers Dedicated to Making the Eastside Better

Yarrow Point Council member backs the Redmond candidate's bid for the State House.


Dear Editor,

A Vote for Hank Myers

As a member of the Yarrow Point Town Council I have had an opportunity to work with Councilmember Hank Myers of Redmond, now a candidate for State House.  We met at a budget seminar sponsored by the Association of Washington Cities in 2008.

Later I worked with him to help resolve a dispute over access to 60 Acres Park.  I fly remote controlled gliders at 60 Acres as part of the Seattle Area Soaring Society. When the Lake Washington Soccer Association proposed to take over the undeveloped south half of 60 Acres Park, I was really concerned about losing the facility where we flew our aircraft and others launched model rockets.  I called Hank Myers and he helped us find a solution that worked. Hank determined that the main reason the Soccer Association wanted the additional fields was so that some fields could remain unused and re-grow turf.  He worked with the Association, and at a hearing before Council was assured that the unused fields would remain open for other uses.  The immensely popular Soccer Association programs now have better facilities, and the other users are able to share the facility.  It could have gone the other way except for the interest shown by Hank Myers.

I also serve with Hank on the WRIA-8 Salmon Recovery Council and see the same caring and perceptive attitudes on display there.  Hank is a proven public servant who is dedicated to making the Eastside a better place to live, work and play.

-Carl Scandella, Yarrow Point Town Council Member

Bob Martinek October 25, 2012 at 04:28 PM
I would like to see Hank Myers help put teeth in the towing sign on the "trail only" parking lot at the York Road (116th) bridge. Soccer folks seem to think they are above the rules and park there in spite of the signs telling them not to. Cracks me up, parents breaking rules right in front of their kids...nice lesson!


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