State Voters: Yes to Tolls, No to State Liquor Stores

Here’s a look at how statewide ballot measures fared, along with contested county races.

Washington voters appeared to say yes to tolls and no to state-run liquor stores.

Here are initial election results provided Tuesday night by the Secretary of State and county election offices, with total votes and percentages:


•Initiative Measure 1125, concerning state expenditures on transportation.

Yes 552,441, 49.07 percent

No 573,376, 50.93 percent

I-1125: This measure seeks to prohibit state gas tax and toll revenues from diversion into services and programs not specifically transportation-related.  As of late Tuesday, 52.6 percent of voters agreed and 47.4 percent said no. A total of 479,560 ballots had been counted.


•Initiative Measure 1163, concerning long-term care workers and services for elderly and disabled people.

Yes 753,010, 66.77 percent

No 374,706, 33.23 percent

I-1163: This measure seeks to require more extensive background checks and training for long-term care workers. As of late Tuesday, 66.5 percent of voters agreed and 33.5 percent said no. A total of 480,776 ballots had been counted.

•Initiative Measure 1183, concerning liquor: beer, wine, and spirits (hard liquor).

Yes 685,979, 59.69 percent

No 463,237, 40.31 percent

 I-1183: This measure would remove liquor sales from state control and privatize the business. As of late Tuesday, 60 percent of voters agreed and 40 percent said no. A total of 489,409 ballots had been counted.

•Senate Joint Resolution 8205, concerning the length of time a voter must reside in Washington to vote for president and vice president.

Yes 785,798, 71.45 percent

No 314,054, 28.55 percent


•Senate Joint Resolution 8206, concerning the budget stabilization account maintained in the state treasury.

Yes 719,941, 66.88 percent

No 356,572, 33.12 percent


King County

•Director of Elections

Mark Greene  50,033, 23.43 percent

Sherril Huff  162,427, 76.07 percent

Write-in 1,064, 0.50 percent


•Metropolitan King County Council District No. 6

Jane Hague 15,878, 53.80 percent

Richard E. Mitchell 13,551, 45.92 percent

Write-in 84, 0.28 percent


•Metropolitan King County Council District No. 8

Joe McDermott 16,848, 66.92 percent

Diana Toledo 8,233, 32.70 percent


•Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 2

Richard Pope 97,164, 43.96 percent

Gael Tarleton 122,932, 55.61 percent


•Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 5

Dean Willard 79,568, 36.98 percent

Bill Bryant 134,502, 62.51 percent

Write-in 1,097, 0.51 percent           


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