Bellevue's International School in Top 10 of U.S. News High School Ranking; 3 More Bellevue Schools Get Gold

International School makes the top 10 of U.S.News and World report's national list of best high schools. Bellevue, Newport and Interlake high schools all make the top 200.

Bellevue's was ranked the ninth top public school in the country --- and the number one high school in the state --- according to U.S.News and World Report magazine's Best High School's list.

Three of four of , including Bellevue, Newport and Interlake were ranked in the top 200 of the nation, according to the magazine's methodology.

The rankings are based on the student data from the 2009-10 school year, and the magazine based the rankings on an index that included performance on the state High School Proficiency Exam (which replaced the Washington Assessment of Student Learning that year) and the Advanced Placement exams.

Among the criteria for ranking included test performance by black and Hispanic students and by student who take free and reduced lunch. 

According to the methodology, had a "college readiness" index of 100. The school is a magnet school for sixth through 12th graders, where students are admitted by lottery.

Sammamish did not get a ranking, and Big Picture High School was not yet in existence in 2009-10 school year.

Bellevue schools are often nationally recognized for its achievement, including last year, when as among the top 500 schools in America, and the . U.S.News and World report published its rankings in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Bellevue Patch Archive

U.S.News and World Report's list of Bellevue's public school rankings are here.


State Rank
Students / Teachers
College Readiness
(Avg. Proficiency)Reading
(Avg. Proficiency) #1

International School


#9 Nationally Ranked


20:1 Near WA Avg


530 Students

26 Teachers


100.0 Above WA Avg


100% Tested (AP®)

100% Passed (AP®)


3.5 Above WA Avg


88% Proficient

12% Not Proficient


3.9 Above WA Avg


99% Proficient

1% Not Proficient


Newport High School

#100 Nationally Ranked


22:1 Near WA Avg


1,690 Students

77 Teachers


73.5 Above WA Avg


84% Tested (AP®)

70% Passed (AP®)


3.2 Above WA Avg


76% Proficient

24% Not Proficient


3.7 Above WA Avg


95% Proficient

5% Not Proficient


Bellevue High School


#113 Nationally Ranked


23:1 Larger than WA Avg


1,330 Students

59 Teachers


71.0 Above WA Avg


88% Tested (AP®)

65% Passed (AP®)


3.0 Above WA Avg


75% Proficient

25% Not Proficient


3.6 Above WA Avg


91% Proficient

9% Not Proficient


Interlake High School

#189 Nationally Ranked


21:1 Near WA Avg


1,390 Students

66 Teachers


60.5 Above WA Avg


71% Tested (AP®)

57% Passed (AP®)


2.9 Above WA Avg


67% Proficient

33% Not Proficient


3.5 Above WA Avg


89% Proficient

11% Not Proficient

Robinswood Middle And High School

*school is now closed

9:1 Smaller than WA Avg


189 Students

22 Teachers



N/A Tested (N/A)

N/A Passed (N/A)

1.4 Below WA Avg


4% Proficient

96% Not Proficient

2.9 Near WA Avg


73% Proficient

27% Not Proficient

Sammamish Senior High



20:1 Near WA Avg


971 Students

49 Teachers


51.3 Above WA Avg


76% Tested (AP®)

43% Passed (AP®)


2.4 Above WA Avg


44% Proficient

56% Not Proficient


3.2 Near WA Avg


78% Proficient

22% Not Proficient

-- Information from U.S.News and World Report


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Venice Buhain May 08, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Hey, what a nice 20th anniversary for International School.


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