Sammamish High School Students See Close Up the Danger of DUI

The Bellevue Fire Department and the Bellevue Police Department brought a mock crash to the Sammamish High School parking lot.

The and the brought a mock crash to the parking lot Friday afternoon to demonstrate the dangers of drinking and driving. 

The Bellevue Fire Department tweeted several photos of the event and reminded parents on Twitter to speak to their kids about not drinking and driving.

Sammamish HS students are about to learn the ramifications of drinking and driving. Talk to your kids - the Bvuefd is. twitter.com/BvueFD/status/…

— Bellevue Fire Dept (@BvueFD) May 25, 2012


A realistic DUI drill designedto show students the very real consequences of driving under the influence. twitter.com/BvueFD/status/…

— Bellevue Fire Dept (@BvueFD) May 25, 2012

Fire Department spokesman Lt. Troy Donlin said that the demonstrations give a lasting effect on students to see their peers play various roles in the demonstration.

The Bellevue Fire Department completes 3-4 high school DUI drills each year. Students from the school are coached to play various roles in the drill. Roles that include the intoxicated driver, injured passenger, passerby, and sometimes the role of the deceased.

We want to have a lasting effect on the young adults watching the evolution so they understand what might happen if they choose to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We use make-up, torn clothing, mangled cars, and visual effects to make the drill look as real as possible. In addition, Bellevue firefighters and police officers respond to the incident as they would a real motor vehicle accident.

Student peers appearing to be injured or deceased, firefighters treating them, police officers interviewing and perhaps arresting them – all done in an effort to shed light on the horrid reality that so often accompanies driving under the influence. 




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