Sherwood Forest and Cherry Crest Parents Warned of Luring Attempt

Sherwood Forest and Cherry Crest schools emailed parents to let them know of a report of a stranger who tried to offer a student a ride in his car.

A man with a moustache was reported to have tried to lure an elementary aged student into his car Monday after school, according to warnings sent home Tuesday to Cherry Crest and Sherwood Forest elementary school parents.

The student, who attends Cherry Crest, reported that the man tried to talk with the student and invited the student into his car near a bus stop at 164th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 26th Street bus stop Monday after school, according to the district and the letter sent home to parents. It was not disclosed whether the student was a boy or a girl.

That bus stop is near Sherwood Forest Elementary School, which is why parents there were also notified, according to the Bellevue School District.

The Bellevue Police Department told Bellevue Patch that this is the only case that has been reported.

The following letter was sent home to parents at Cherry Crest and Sherwood Forest elementary schools.

Dear Parent or Guardian: 

I want to alert you to an incident that happened after school Monday.  We received a report of a stranger, described as a man with a moustache, who tried to talk with a Cherry Crest student and offered the student a ride in his car. This happened near the 164th Ave NE & NE 26th Street bus stop, not far from Sherwood Forest Elementary.  The student reported this immediately to their parent, who notified our office.  District Security, Transportation staff and Bellevue Police have been notified. This incident has been reported to Bellevue police and they are taking it seriously.  

We’ve alerted bus drivers dropping off students in the area.  We have also increased visibility of our district security personnel, and reminded our students of the importance of following safe routes to and from school. Please take some time to review with your children precautions they should remember to stay safe at all times.

-  Tell an adult immediately if they see someone or something that makes them worry or feel uncomfortable.

-  Stay with friends. Don’t travel alone.

Student safety is our first priority. If you have any information that will help police in their investigation, call 911 or give us a call.  We will make sure the information is shared with the investigating deputy.


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