Hopelink Opens New Food Bank, Emergency Services Facility

The organization says the new Redmond location will allow it to offer expanded services, including adult education classes and family development programs.

, a Redmond-based social services nonprofit, has moved its Redmond food bank and emergency services center from the Together Center on Northeast 87th Street to a new facility at 16725 Cleveland Street.

The new center is open for business this week and will hold its first food bank session from 5:30 to 7 p.m. this Wednesday, Oct. 5.

Hopelink says the new facility is larger and will enable the organization to offer expanded services, including adult education classes and family development programs.

Redmond Food Bank Coordinator Lori Haynes said in a news release that the facility will make it easier to manage inventory so that clients will have access to the freshest food possible, as well as offer more of a one-stop option for those who need more than one service.

“With emergency services, family development and employment programs in one location, clients will have easier access to other services instead of being directed to another center for help," Haynes said. “We’re very excited about our new space and the opportunity to better serve our current and future clients.”

The Redmond food bank serves more than 1,000 people every month and is one of five Hopelink emergency service centers in north and east King County, including .

In late July, Hopelink’s administrative offices to 10675 Willows Road NE, Suite 275, in Redmond.


From a Hopelink news release

Kathleen Moss October 05, 2011 at 01:08 AM
Having been on both sides of the fence w/Hopelink as an employee and client, I can truly say they do their best with what they have to make sure folks can have something on their tables in these hard times. Sad to say that their shelves get empty quick! The hard times will not be over for a good long while for many families...those of you who shop at Costco, think about picking up a case of ramen noodles, veggies/fruit, tuna, pasta/rice or whatever you can afford and drop it off at your nearest Hopelink food bank. Baby items are in great need...diapers, formula and wipes. Basic hygiene items such as toilet paper, soap, toothpaste/brushes, deodorant, laundry detergent and feminine products would be appreciated as well. And don't forget the pets! And while I think of it, it sure wouldn't hurt the Gates family and their friends and neighbors to realize that there are thousands of Eastsiders who are not affluent and are wondering how to put a meal on the table...charity begins at home I was taught as a child. God bless you all who are helping others in third world countries, but there are families right here in your own backyard who go to sleep without a decent meal every night. As for food stamps, many families who are the working poor don't qualify under the USDA regs., they're told they make too much money. I am a disabled U.S.Navy vet, I may not have much but I give what I can because I am my brother and sisters keeper. What about you?
Greg Johnston October 05, 2011 at 02:33 AM
Very well put Kathleen, the need is great, thanks for sharing!


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