Pet of the Week: Another Tough Break for Striking Blue-Eyed Azul

A stray first rescued years ago with kittens, Azul is back at Houghton's MEOW Cat Rescue after being given up by her family.


Azul, a domestic longhair and Siamese mix lynx point, has weathered some rough times in her seven years, and now she’s back at shelter in Houghton.

She is aptly named, since her striking eyes are the most incredible blue. The volunteers at MEOW desperately want to see her settle into a loving home.

Azul was rescued several years ago as a stray cat who had just birthed kittens. Living life on the streets is brutal, but even more so when there are hungry little ones to feed and care for. A kind person spotted Azul and her kittens, and that is where MEOW stepped in. She and her kittens were placed in a foster home and lavished with love, nourishment and medical care. After several months, all the kittens were adopted, and eventually Azul was too.

But in mid May, she was returned to MEOW because her family was moving to a farm and they felt they wouldn't be able to care for her. So once again, this beautiful and gentle girl is residing at MEOW just waiting for another chance at a good life. She put on some excess weight in her home, so is on a special diet. She is slowly but surely working her way towards a more healthy weight.

Other than that, Azul is in fine shape, and she has a Guardian Angel -- a caring and kind person has pre-paid her adoption fee. Please stop in and see this lovely girl this weekend. See  www.meowcatrescue.org or call 425-822-6369.

Kathleen Moss July 26, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Was wondering if Azul has her forever home as yet. Very kind of the person who paid the adoption fee.
Greg Johnston July 26, 2012 at 10:46 PM
I will find out and get back to you Kathleen, thanks for asking!
Greg Johnston July 27, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Kathleen, Azul is still at MEOW Cat Rescue in Houghton and looking for a family.


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