Youth Connection | Speak Up, Step Out, and Break Through! at the Youth Involvement Conference

Share your opinions about issues in your community and learn how to make a difference at Youth Link's Youth Involvement Conference.

On Friday, April 27th, three hundred youth from around the Eastside will be meeting at the Bellevue City Hall to discuss various issues regarding teens. Following the motto, “Speak Up, Step Out, and Break Through,” the Youth Involvement Conference is designed to empower youth in the community and give them an opportunity to talk about the issues in the city.

To start off the morning, there will be several workshops held in three sessions. Among these workshops are speakers from companies such as Microsoft and BECU to talk about various issues that concern teens such as technology and finance. In addition to the workshops, there will also be a few groups that discuss academics. For example, there will be a high school panel for middle school students to learn about the high school experience.

After the workshops, there will be a full complimentary lunch, during which all students will be arranged around discussion tables to discussing issues in the community. As part of the lunch program, keynotes Kevin Vu and Chirag Ved, both Bellevue youth who have successfully started up their own not-for-profit organizations, will speak about their experience.

It is clear that the issues that are brought up by youth are put to good and meaningful use in the community. For one, was derived from a need among teenagers to have a safe place to hang out instead of on the streets. In addition, the was a project created in response to the desire for a skate park for our numerous skaters.

Space is limited so be sure to sign up! The application form can be found in the offices at your school and also online at www.youthlink.com. See you there!

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