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My name is Carla Ritchie, and I love dogs and everything about them. My goal in life has always been education and information to help people have more fun with their pets, and to locate local resources if possible to make owning a dog easier, more fun, and often less expensive if I can by finding great sources for various items, or give you the information to make your own items.  I grew up with a Cockapoo that loved to be trained, which started it all. In 1984, I graduated from Auburn High School, and started  looking for a dog that would fit my personality. Shelties seemed like the ticket, and my first Sheltie, 7 month old Shasta, came into my life.  I joined the local Sheltie club, and was very quickly drawn into showing in obedience, the breed ring, tracking, rescue, canine education, and other fun events that have continued for the last 27 years, and have included earning titles with my dogs in sheepherding, obedience and agility, attending and competing in several Shetland Sheepdog national shows, and having a dog who qualified and was invited to the first AKC/Eukanuba National Championship show in 2001 in Florida, as well as taking part in many canine  educational events, often related to all breeds and mixed breeds as well as Shelties. Teaching beginning agility and obedience to any dog on an individual basis was a hobby and passion of mine for many years before I retired.  I hope to be able to help you find great ways to enjoy your dog going into summer, and keep you updated on changes and events in the AKC, UKC and International show venues, various dog related festivals you can attend, and state and local legislation that may affect you as a dog owner.  Here is to having a great time with our four legged family! -Carla
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