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My slant is hippy dippy, left wing, recycle nut, vegetarian, just so you know. You would have figured it out anyway. But starting from there, I never quite know what is going to capture my attention. One thing I like is finding people who are doing something worthwhile, (in my opinion) and letting you know. Also I like to point out where (in my opinion) people have gone off the rails, or are just staying on the same old rails because that’s what they have always done. When we think about our day to day routine a little, things will change for the better.
I started out a while ago writing about behavior by other people that bothered me, but quickly found it came around to what we all, myself included could be doing to accept personal responsibility. I became a nag. My friends and family don’t like me. So I’m turning to a wider audience. Soon, you won’t like me either.
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