Rebecca Underly
Rebecca has lived in Del Ray since 1996 and has watched it transform to what it is today. For the last five years, she has been taking care of her two sons and running her business, Culinary Endeavors, where she creates beautiful cakes, cookies, cake pops and chocolates for personal clients. Rebecca's newest endeavor, Del Ray Cakery is in development right now and she hopes to bring her tasty treats to the Avenue soon!  
When Rebecca is not baking, she is doing contract work for a large marketing firm in Florida where she creates and develops recipes for clients like Walmart, Meijer's, Shop Rite and Harris Teeter. When life does not involve food (which is rare), you can find her chasing and playing with her sons in the park behind their house.   Rebecca is very excited to join the Del Ray Patch and can't wait to write about food and interesting things she discovers along the way.  
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